For as long as I can remember, I told people "I can't run." But in March of 2009, I decided that this was no longer an option. From my first 5K to my second half marathon, I've endured my highest highs and lowest lows as an official Runner. This year I want to embrace running for something beyond times and distances.

Running is so much more than merely getting out there. I want to get out there and love it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strippers, Heat, Qdoba...spicy!

So it's been awhile! I had a weird couple weeks running-wise. Sucky is the operative word I think. I was just starting to fit right into the running pocket. My pace was getting faster, I was rockin the fartlek, I was hitting my long runs pretty decently. Well then it got hot. And my job sucked the life out of me. And I didn't feel good. I pathetically attempted 11 miles on Memorial Day. The day it was like 90 and humid and big huge burning sun. First off, I was supposed to do the run on Friday because I had a half day from work. Instead I got my hair chopped off and sat on Water St. Bar Louie patio and drank beers with my work gang. That evening I had 30 margaritas, more beer, and saw Saturday morning was out. Saturday night I attended a wedding...more beer. Sunday was out.

So Monday and its sticky soup was my demise. I ran for TWO MILES and had to sit at a bus stop. I stopped again at mile 3. And walked the remaining mile and a half home. So depressing. I decided then and there that this week would be the mid-training "easy week" I've been hearing so much about. [I tried googling but just take my word for it!] I ran 4.5 mid-week and that's IT. Until Saturday when, once again, it was horribly hot and sticky. I tried SO HARD to get up early, but every day during the entire "easy week" I had been getting 5hr/night sleep because of long work days and long work nights. Blah blah blah details, in any case I headed out at 8am and it was still horrifying. THIS time I ran more/walked less 4.5 miles, but still real rough, stopping several times to rest under shade. I got to my car where I was supposed to switch shoes and get more water and said FUCK THIS and headed to the gym where I wondered if I'd be able to run 6.5 miles on the tread. NOPE. 2 miles. 11 miler AGAIN out of my reach.

When I got home all bummed yet again, the news informed me that apparently a huge cool front was headed our way and it'd be like 70 max and low humidity!! YEEHAW now we're in business!! And my friends, I cannot even describe the universal differences. I barely broke a sweat. I've been hotter on the treadmill than I was out there today. Plus for most of it there were sporadic cloud clumps and even a dash of rain droplets. It was absolutely f'ing gorgeous.

As for difficulty, well I went slow, like whoa. So I felt really great through pretty much the whole thing. Most of my discomfort was in the first four miles. I was hungry and my knees hurt. But after a gel and getting into my groove, I felt WOW running can be FUN! I felt like I could go forever. Back when I was hungry though, a glorious thought bubble bounced out of my brain...No not twenty miles...MexiCAN I Can!! And honestly, having that thought bubble with me through the run totally gave me a boost! I guess guac is my carrot. Healthier, in my opinion? ;)

Now here's the funny story: I couldn't start in my pre-routed spot because I was in the middle of a big bike race. So I already logged into my brain that I'd had to make up that chunk of mileage. There were a couple spots where I thought: "Is this route right? Am I missing a loop?" The run was just a little TOO easy and I was done a little TOO quickly. Well, to make up for the previously-mentioned new start spot and my unease about too-short-of-a-run, I tacked on what I thought was on an extra mile. I got back, stretched, got into my car, and decided to check my pre-planned route on my iMapMyRun app.


I DID totally screw up!! Not just one but TWO loops. I did some math (I'm horrible at math) and decided the total distance was just too short and I did NOT waste this awesome weather for a too-short long run. So I literally got back out of my car and started it up again. I know. Well, THIS time I actually had the smarts to turn on my MMR app and which TOLD me I ran for another two miles (NOT as fun as the previous bunch). To make a long story long (zzzzzzz....), when I got home I adjusted my route online......

13 miles. Guhhhhhh. So in actuality, I was golden perfect when I stopped the first time. And now I've probably messed up my knees for good! They aren't feeling so hot :\ Damn you 10% increase!!! So hopefully I'm ok, I'll just take it easy and ice I guess.


  1. This is an insane post!!!!!! 30 'ritas and strippers? What the heck was your crazy Friday night!?! I sat home and watched LOST, HA!
    In any case, wow, I didn't know you were suffering through your runs - other than the cancelled run you talked about on Facebook. I think it's good you took an easy week, can't get burnt out to the point of hating running again, right? Even if your training isn't perfect, I bet when the race comes you'll be on top of the running world again. This will be your THIRD time, I think that's crazy!!!! You did one sick in the cold, one in the crazy heat/sun/crowd of Chicago - so maybe this one will be perfect in the middle? Whatever happens, I know you'll succeed in some way!

  2. Wow! 30 margaritas AND beer AND strippers! I wouldn't even have THOUGHT of running the next day, let alone crawl to the bathroom! lol

    Glad you got your long run in. I'm sure the extra time off, since it wasn't very long, did you more good than hurt you.

    Quit being such a party girl!! jk ;)

  3. Crazy times...but like you said on FB, at least you didn't cry at the end! And I'm crossing my fingers that race day it is NOT some kind of 90 degrees!!! Anyway, way to got your mojo back. :-)

  4. way to get it done...even at a cost. And don't even get me started on the heat...winter and me doll..

  5. Monica, it was Nate's 30th birthday so shit got CRAZY!!!! And I think I can honestly say that I'm finally at the age where sitting around on a Friday night watching Lost sounds better than strippers ;)

    Monica AND Mom...YES!!! I want to ask God to help a sistah out and remember when I had the flu so maybe He could send some cooler weather on July 10!!!

    Weebs! (That's what I'll have to call you since I don't know your name!)...the rest DID do me good!! I'm glad I decided to take a break. It's in the home stretch of the cycle though, so I really have to cut out all the margs ;)

    Claire, exactly...I totally agree, even like a 10 degree day is better than 90 and humid. Even at 10 you warm up after the first few minutes and you're good to go!